Furze, nytt album

av steinar selstø

Furze LogoBandet søker distribusjonsavtale med et selskap.

The Reaper: "Furze have recorded a new album entitled The Presence.... . The 7th album is, as always, a new dimension. The really good news is that there has been invested and for the first time established a proper analogue studio. The evil album will be mixed,beginning late February, and aimed for release Autumn 2018. 

Furze have recorded even further material for an Autumn 2019 album. Strong individual hymns. Never before explored atmospheres. Adventurous. In Blood By Metal. Total Black. Dark Psych interludes. Thicker sound, analogue supreme! Reaper's Nihilistic poetry yet indulged is Satan's many fires!! Against all odds I've opened yet a new chapter of Furze! Will soon return with updates on bandcamp, furze.no and more! Serious believers get in touch!