Enslaved, trailer og cover

av yngve

Her kan du se litt av prosessen Truls Espedal hadde under opparbeidelsen av coveret til Enslaveds kommende skive.

Truls Espedal: "Working with oil paint and a deadline can be somewhat aggravating, and I learned that red paint takes really really long to dry! But I almost made the deadline finishing three paintings and layout, all the time with In Times on the stereo. I've played the album closer to two hundred times by now, and I find it to be more in every way. It sounds potent and fresh, and the tracks are just fucking inspirational.

So, I went for more as well. I wanted the cover to have more atmosphere, starker contrasts and be more subtle yet dramatic. Ivar and Grutle's concept allowed me to add new elements and be more experimental, without wanting to leave the familiar. It also allowed for more diversity through the cover, especially the vinyl.

The three paintings for this release range from figurative work to very stylised, almost abstract, expanding upon the front cover.The process was also a bit different; more dynamic. A lot of the artwork was improvised, which is not typical me. I enjoyed it. And I feel I'm getting the hang of the oil paint now, so I'm really excited for next time."


Grutle Kjellson: "I just love the album cover. I honestly think this is the best artwork I have ever seen. That is of course because Truls has developed the ability to transform me and Ivar’s, often surreal, concepts and ideas into an actual painting. This painting is the perfect projection of our lyrics, it even extends the written words.This is a picture of mythology, life, death and time. Truls has made a masterpiece, we have made the soundtrack."

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