Enslaved, reissue på lp + Beyond The Gates 2017

av yngve

UnnamedBandet slipper sitt debutalbum på lp, dette og gig i Bergen @Beyond The Gates venter.

Det er By Norse Music! som tipser, selskapet som ble startet av (sakset:) "...Einar Selvik (Fimbulljod Productions, Wardruna), Ivar Bjørnson (Peersen Production AS, Enslaved, BardSpec) og Simon Füllemann (AISA – All Independent Service Alliance LLC, All Access Agency).

Lp-en kommer i handel idag, 23. september, og kommer som følgende varianter:

  • 2LP Gatefold, grønn vinyl (150 ex., utsolgt!)
  • 2LP Gatefold, svart vinyl (850 - ikke mange igjen) 
  • 2LP Gatefold, hvit vinyl (1000 ex.)



Beyond The Gates 2017

Bandet framfører nevnte album, Vikingligr Veldi, i sin helhet - for første og siste gang. Det leser vi i en pressemelding fra festivalen.

Beyond The Gates@www

Sakset fra pressemelding: 

Ivar Bjørnson: " Nostalgia is a sword with at least two edges; cynics use it to hide writer's blocks and poor numbers (like; how many reunions can you do, really?) - but used soberly and selectively it becomes a source of pride, inspiration and fond memories: a strong, creative nostalgia that utilize the past and history for forward-thinking. This is what we want to do with our special performance of the entire Vikingligr Veldi album at Beyond the Gates 2017. It will be the first, and probably last time."

Festivalen sier: " We always try to aim for something out of the ordinary when deciding where to go with the next edition of the festival. When the option of having Enslaved performing their stunning debut album from A to Z at our festival - as a one off! - came across the table, needless to say we were all thrilled beyond belief. Vikingligr Veldi has meant a lot to our musical upbringing and still stands as a landmark of its time. Undiminished and colossal. It still sound fresh and vital today. Knowing what these guys has in store as a live act too, we're more than convinced that this will be one for the books."