Enslaved melder fra studio

av yngve

Unnamed (1)UnnamedNå har ikke jeg meldt inn alle disse syv snuttene, men sistemann ut leser du her:

"… Then it was time for me to do some howling, cursing, screaming and singing again,” sier bassist og vokalist Grutle Kjellson.  "We moved a few meters from Duper to co-producer Iver Sandøy's own Solslottet Studios and rigged up what we usually do with a set of three microphones: A Shure SM 7B for growls and screams, a RFT CM-7151 (commonly known as The Leipzig bottle) for chants & whispering etc., and a Neumann UM-57 for clean vocals. We were fortunately lucky with the energy, atmosphere, and my vocal shape the first day, so we were able to lay down my vocal tracks for half of the songs the first day… that is, with the exception some dubbing I usually do on Herbran's vocals. It was also time to lay down some tracks with both the Moog Taurus pedals and with one of Enslaveds treasures that has been with us since 1991 (!): Ivar's Roland SH-1 . A great day at work and an ever-growing confidence that this album will destroy everything we have done prior to this."

På tampen legger Herbrand, som spiller keyboard og tar seg av den rene vokalen, til at skiva vil bli råere og mer direkte, mer in your face.


26.11.14:Her er en ganske fersk oppdatering fra Enslaveds studioopphold.

Nuclear Blast: Checking in from Duper Studios in Bergen, members of Norwegian progressive extreme metallers Enslaved offer the sixth installment in the seven-part Diary of Mad Men series shedding insight into the band’s upcoming as-yet-untitled thirteenth studio album, set for an early 2015 release.

"It’s our last day in Duper Studios before we move across the hall into Solslottet Studios for the next Metal Olympics event: Grutle’s vocals!” states an enthusiastic Ivar Bjørnson, Enslaved's guitarist & composer. “It has been a great week and the best possible start for this process that will end up in some kind of epic release early next year. Today I’ve been laying down some e-bow Fripp-worship, some atmospheric guitars so soaked in reverb and echo that the speakers are wet, some Mellotron keys, and even a line or two of the good old piano.”


"It’s more aggressive," adds album co-producer Iver Sandøy about the new material, "balancing the progressive feel of the previous few albums with a more evident nod to the band’s darker history."

Oppdatering fra 13.11.14:

"Wow, time flies when you’re having a magical time,” states Ensaved guitarist & composer Ivar Bjørnson. "Already Friday, and Cato /drummer) is doing his last tracking already. It will be a lot more quiet around the studio from now on. Doing stuff live has the benefit of several things being done at the same time, so Grutle is beginning to move on to some double bass (!) additions and we’re getting Ice Dale’s guitars over from his studio and added to the main sessions. This is shaping up big time. Tomorrow is a day off, kind of. Me, Cato, and Iver [Sandøy, co-producer] are using the up-and-running studio to record drums for another project – more on that another time."

Grutle : "It is always a bit difficult - and that’s the beauty of it - to exactly pinpoint the direction of a new album before the final mix is done! However, I feel that this one will be quite the darker effort compared to our latest releases. It is leaning towards both our heavier albums and the darker side of ‘70s Rock, long and interesting songs with a laser-sharp edge. I hope and believe our fans will embrace it."


Nyhet fra 05.11.14:

Enslaved melder inn fra studio. Denne nyheten er noen dager gammel, men fortsatt den ferskeste så langt.

Planen er å slippe syv oppdateringer i en serie kalt Diary Of Mad Men, dette er den andre i rekken. Skiva som er i fokus er fortsatt ikke døpt, men kommer etter planen i handle tidlig neste år.

Ivar Bjørnson: "It has been something like 10 months since the first song was written for this album, but it feels like an eternity with all the touring and normal & special shows! Now time is back to normal time, and things are going really well from the get-go: Cato laid down something like one-third of the drums for the album just during the first day!"


Cato: "This album is very complex and challenging to record, and I guess the same words will be frequently used both by the critics and the listening audience. But rest assured that it - as always - is 100% pure Enslaved."

Skiva spilles i hovedsak inn i Duper- og Solslottet Studios i Bergen, mens tilleggsgreier rattes på plass i Conclave & Earshot Studios og i Ivar Bjørnsons Peersonal Sound Studios.